If you’re looking for a reputable Ohio-based sales recruiter, we know it can be a struggle; especially for an unemployed or underemployed experienced salesman. With so many recruiters in the market, it can be difficult to know which are reliable and reputable. When choosing a recruiter, you’ll want someone who can helps your company efficiently and cost-effectively with success for both the job seeker and the company. Either way, the stakes are high, and the scales can easily tip toward success or failure depending on the recruiter and the process.

If this is the first time for both parties, a headhunter can be daunting. Here are some common questions and answers for first-time users.

Should we choose a recruiter that charges the applicant? Why or why not?

For a job seeker on the market, in today’s economy, charging a job seeker and selling interview help and resume writing services with no guarantee of outcome is unethical; especially in the case of those who are unemployed and unable to afford a fee. This places the job seeker further in debt and limits their resources for finding a new job.


As an employer, limiting a pool of candidates able or willing to pay a placement fee is already limiting the potential talent for that position. Sales candidates with experience and bold resumes are not as willing to pay out of pocket for the services of a headhunter when they have a greater chance of getting hired, especially when staying in their background industry.

What research in necessary when choosing a recruiting service?

A quick search on the Internet for reviews and information about current headhunting services can be a great start in addition to personal reference and word of mouth. Headhunters should be trustworthy for both the job seeker and the employer with well-rounded experience in the job market and a focus on the industry you’re looking to hire for. Above all, the business acumen and reputation of the headhunter should be known and displayed at all times when working with both sides of the hiring process.

The level of happiness of its staff should measure a headhunter and the work-life balance it projects. In addition, as a job seeker, industry specialty placement success, and placement methods should be carefully considered when looking for a great match.

Headhunters and sales recruiters that have credentials such as “Career Coach” should be avoided.

When choosing a headhunter, look for a certificate or degree from an accredited university, not from an online course or community event. Most importantly, look for placement success results, and recruiter background.

Questions you may consider asking are: “What are their experience and educational background? What is their degree in? If they have a specialty for recruiting, where did it come from and what did they study?

As a potential employee, knowing the background of your placement agent is key to a successful choice in recruiter and waives the fear of a “blind date” situation. Without knowing what you’re walking into, you could be setting yourself up for wasted time interviewing for poorly vetted jobs, or as an employer, interviewing poorly vetted employees.

Make sure that the Ohio-based recruiter that you choose has the same goals as you do.

If you’re happy with your selection, then you likely won’t need this advice. But if you’re stuck with an opening you can’t place, request a sit-down meeting with your headhunter and discuss the needs of your company and offer to vet resumes together so they can get a better understanding of what you’re looking for. They may need a reminder of your company’s goals and the position’s requirements.

Taking the time to research your recruiting firm and choosing one such as ours that specializes in sales can have a huge impact on your hiring process and successful applicant placement. Job seekers can rest easy knowing that the process will be smooth and effortless with the golden egg of employment to reward them in the end.

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