For any company, finding a reputable sales recruiter New York-based can be almost impossible. As well, for the unemployed or underemployed seasoned sales person, it can be difficult to know which sales recruiters NYC based are reliable and will help the company and the job seeker to be able to move Excelsior. Either way, it can be a gamble and it can end up with great results for both the employer and the employee, or it can end up in disappointment disaster.

Whether it is a company’s first time or a job seekers first time to use the services of headhunters in NYC, there are some things that both parties need to have a clear understanding about, such as who pays the sales recruiter’s fee?

It is best for employer and job seeker both to steer clear of the recruiting firms that charge the applicant. Why?

1). For the job seekers, in today’s job market and economic times, charging a job seeker a fee as well as selling interviewing and resume writing services with no guarantee of job placement is extremely unethical. Especially for a job seeker that is currently unemployed and may have been for awhile, charging them a fee to find a job as well as prepare them for the interview process is only putting the job seeker further in debt.

2). For employers, the pool of qualified candidates that are willing to pay a fee is going to be very small. Experienced, seasoned sales candidates are not going to pay headhunters in NYC a fee when they know they are good and can get hired on anywhere. Especially if they are staying in their known industry.

Both the employer and the job seeker should do their research and learn about the many headhunters in New York that are out there.

The internet is your best source of information and the next best source is word-of-mouth. Both sides of the table should trust the sales headhunters NYC has to offer. If you aren’t comfortable with their business acumen or don’t respect their opinion in determining what applicants are best for a sales position with your company, or what company best suits the applicant’s experience and personality, move on to another recruiter.

For the employer, you can measure a the way a company recruits by its own staff. This is a great indication of how strong of a sales recruiter NYC style they provide. As a job seeker, you should judge them by what industry they focus and have the most experience with. If they are medical industry placing candidates inpharmaceutical sales and your expertise are selling IT services to security companies, this is probably not a good match.

Be cautious of sales recruiters New York area that have a list of qualifications, such as “Career Coach”.

For the employer or the job seeker, if a certificate stating an expertise is from an accredited university, don’t put a lot of stock in that claim. More important to an employer’s quest to hire quality sales people and for the employee’s quest to find a position that suits them, it is more important to know the recruiter’s background prior to becoming a sales recruiter NYC based.

Where did they work last and what was their position there? What is their education background, what area do they have their degree? If they are claiming a specialty for recruiting, such as medical equipment sales, how did they get that specialty?

Without knowing the recruiter you’ll be working with, as an employee, you could very well be going on a blind interview that have not been properly assessed and as an employer, you could be setting yourself up for a large amount of wasted time interviewing applicants that haven’t been properly assessed.

Make certain that sales recruiter New York area you are considering, either as an employer or a job seeker, has the same goal in sight that you do.

If you have selected the right recruiter, you won’t need to worry with this step, but if you don’t have placement for the positions you are looking to fill or the position you are looking to have as a job seeker, request an sit down meeting with them frequently and make sure they are still on the same path you are. If they have lost sight of where you and they both started out, then perhaps a reminder is needed, or even a new recruiter is in order.

By taking the time to research a variety of headhunters in New York City that specialize in sales, such as Sales Executive Recruiters, you will have a good and positive experience. A company such as ours has the expertise, the knowledge and the support that every company in New York City can count on to get the right candidates to them. Job seekers can rest easy knowing that you won’t be sent on a wild goose chase, wasting your energy and time going to interviews that aren’t going to help you Excelsior.

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