For a business to grow, they must have a sales and those happen with sales people and that usually starts from inside selling. However attracting and landing those people isn’t easy. Inside sales recruiting experts say that over 50% of those recruited for sales don’t work out. With that math, you have a fifty-fifty chance of hiring the right one, or, hiring the wrong one. Hiring is not cheap and when it’s for a sales position, it is even more expensive.

Depending on the product or service being sold and the person you hire, it can be a minimum of 6 months of a learning curve and to see a sales cycle results. Sometimes it can up to a full year. The cost includes lost margin of low ball sales, lost sales and lost momentum in your market that most likely your competition picked up.

So how do you avoid these pitfalls in the hiring process of a sales person? There are some basic guidelines that experts in the hiring process offer:

Your Requirements: Begin by creating the inside sales job description that clearly and fully identifies the experience and key skills that you want in the person you hire. Determine what the environment should be like and you want a hunter or a farmer. State what the inside sales job’s objectives will be and set up key performance measurements. This may sound like basics and easy to do, but if you skip over all of this, there’s a good chance you won’t have a good match of candidates for what you are expecting and needing, thus a disaster is created.

Skills & Traits: Successful Inside Sales Recruiters understand how top performers operate. The recognize the skills a top performer has and what desirable, or undesirable traits are of top performers. Simply because a person is good at selling themselves in an interview to the hiring manager doesn’t make them a top sales rep. Experienced Sales Recruiters look for specific skills and traits such as:

– Motivation To Prospect
– Prober
– Listen with Empathy
– Service Oriented for Persuasion
– Negotiator
– Ego-Resilience
– Technical
– Detail-Oriented

Know Where To Find Top Inside Sales People: Today things are different when hiring. The local news paper is old school and job boards are too wide range with pot luck of what you’ll get. Your top sales prospects are working and most likely not looking for a job. Why are those the top prospects? Because the best inside sales people are already working, and probably are not looking for another job!

Whether it’s for inside or outside, Sales Recruiters will begin the search for a top performing sales person by looking at their client’s competitors and get the names of their top sales reps, the contact them directly. When you want the best in sales, you’ll need to sale them on your company. So you need to have your facts in place that makes your company sound like the place they should be. A professional top inside sales person will want to know things like:

The Company’s Vision
The Company’s Unique Selling Proposition
The Company’s Strategy to Gain Market
The Company’s Plan for Growth
Last but not least, a top inside sales prospect will want to know what are the advancement opportunities for them.

Develop a Process and Stick with It: Hiring top inside sales people takes time and if you move too quick, skipping steps described here, you’re pretty certain to fail in hiring the right person. Your hiring process should include having an interview team with interview skills. Each team member should be assigned a topic to cover with any prospective inside sales candidate.

Always ask questions in open ended manner so they have to give you a complete response. Such as asking them about the achievement in sales ask for examples of their quota versus results. A top performing inside sales candidate will be armed with this information. The only references you should speak with are their past direct sales managers or supervisors.

Inside Sales Recruiting takes time. It is a process and you can’t rush it if you want to hire the best of the bunch, the leader of the herd.