Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that the sales person you want to hire for your company was a good fit? Unfortunately, the hiring process can be a hectic one, especially in a competitive job market where some employees are willing to lie to get the job. Instead of trusting that the prospective employee you are talking to is honest and qualified for the job, trust Sales Executive Recruiters. We ensure that California salespeople are qualified for the job and meet your personality requirements, before you even meet them.

Understanding Fees

Obviously, someone will need to pay for the service of bringing together qualified employees with an employer. So, who gets the bill?
The hiring company is the one who will pay the cost of using a sales recruiting company in California. In fact, if you are an employer who is trying to work with a sales recruiter, then you should steer clear of any companies offering free services. There are two reasons for this.

First, our company believes in operating under ethical standards. Because we cannot guarantee to every prospective employee that we can place them in a job, we believe it would be unethical to charge them a fee for interviewing, especially when it is likely they do not have a job.

Second, there will not be a lot of qualified candidates willing to pay for job placement. If they know their skill, a prospective employee is more likely to seek employment on their own before seeking help from a company that is going to charge them a fee. They know they have value and also know that eventually, an employer will see this value. This could leave you missing out on dozens of well qualified candidates.

How it Works

The process (on your end) is very simple. Call a sales representative recruiting company and speak with someone about your ideal employee. You can include background and career history, the type of personality you would like them to have, and any other qualifications that they must meet. We will interview anyone who may match your credentials and then pass them over to your company for final approval.

Choosing a Sales Recruiter in California

Recruiting for your company is an important job, so it is important to have it done by a credible company that will find the best person to fill the position. There are a few things that you must take into consideration before choosing a sales recruiter.

First, consider their reputation. You can do this by considering what previous employers have said, looking at customer reviews, and asking what their satisfaction rate is. You should also ask questions, such as how they choose candidates, what qualifications they look for, how they earned their specialty, etc. Finally, consider the type of people that they have hired for their own company. Does the company seem as if they work well together? Once you have done this, you can choose the best sales recruiter in California.

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