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As the name suggests, we are the experts of sales recruitment. And if you are an organization searching for top sales talent, you couldn’t have been in a better place than this!

We work on a national level as sales recruiters, specializing only in sales positions. Therefore, we are highly focused in providing you with the best of the best opportunities.

Our clients use our services to look for executive recruiters or executive search firms that deal with all sales positions. We act as executive headhunters and help you to find passive candidates who work for your competitors.

One of the most difficult tasks in an organization these days is to find good qualified individuals and retaining them. At Sales Expert Recruiters, we commit ourselves to helping our clients find professional talent required for achieving success in their organization. We put in all our efforts to assist our clients in the entire phase of recruitment. This not only ensures a smooth changeover, but at the same time ensures a successful outcome. Hence our services are custom-built accordingly to meet our clients’ requirements.



We, at Sales Expert Recruiters, manage client relationship with utmost degree of proficiency, sincerity and urgency, all the while working on a strictly confidential basis with the clients and candidates likewise. Sales Expert Recruiters is made up of experienced, competent professionals with expertise in sales recruitment and long term commitment to the sales industry.

Merely matching candidates with job positions is not all that we do. We strive to work closely with our clients to ascertain the precise qualifications and skill-set required for the job position. On the basis of this information, we screen and pre-screen the candidates accordingly and interview the short-listed ones extensively to ensure best fit for our client’s company.

Our recruiting experts have spent a lot of time in the study of the sales industry. They are very well aware of the business and the specific qualities to look for in candidates. Therefore, needless to say, working with us will definitely save our clients’, as well as the candidates’ time and energy.

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